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Export expenses to your accounting solution
Export expenses to your accounting solution
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With Alaan, you can easily export expense reports to your in-house accounting solution. Use our Accounting 'Prepare' feature to review and prep your company expenses before you do so.

  • Log in to the portal and click on Accounting from the side panel.

  • Under the "Prepare" tab, review the expenses and map them to the respective expense accounts and tax codes.

  • Cue them for export by marking the transactions as "Ready"

  • Once you're done with the expense reviews, go to the "Ready to export" tab, click on "select all" and "export".

    • If your accounting solution is integrated with Alaan, you'll simply have to wait for a few minutes for the to be posted on your Accounting Solution.

    • For file-based transaction exports, please select the format to download the CSV file.

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