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I've been invited as a team leader. What can I do?

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, then your admin has invited you to manage your team and approve their expenses. Here is some information to get you started.

Start using Alaan to manage your team’s expenses. Check out what’s on this page:

How can I access the portal for the first time as a team leader?

You should receive an email from [email protected] with the subject, Welcome to Alaan. If you have not received the email yet or would like us to resend it, please email [email protected].

Open the email, click Get Started and follow the instructions to access the web application for the first time. For future logins, go to and log in with your registered email and password.


The team leader can view all expenses made by different team members and approve them on a transaction-to-transaction basis. You can see who made the payment, where and when they made the payment, and if they have uploaded a receipt for that particular payment. You have additional filter controls to find a specific transaction or a group of transactions.

  • Access your Alaan dashboard to view all expenses.

  • There are four categories for expenses approvals in the dashboard:

    • Pending

    • Approved

    • Rejected

    • All

  • Select a category of your choice to see transactions under that particular category.

  • To approve transactions, click on the Pending category, under which all the pending transactions will be visible. An Approve button will be visible to clear a transaction on the right side of each transaction.

  • If an employee has used the card for a personal expense, click on the transaction and hit Reject. There are several ways to recoup the amount; either the employee pays back the company, or you deduct the amount from the next payout.

You can approve payments as per the defined approval workflows set by your admin.


Alaan allows you to deep-dive into your corporate spending for further analysis. You can access monthly spending analytics from the Analytics tab in the portal.


You can update your account password here.

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