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How can Alaan help my business save time and money?
How can Alaan help my business save time and money?
Written by Jicelle Kameyama
Updated over a week ago

Alaan is an all-in-one business spending solution powered by exclusive corporate cards. Alaan helps employees cut through the red tape and make purchases as and when needed without delays. At the same time, Alaan also gives business owners and finance teams control and visibility on their business expenses.

Saving Time

  1. Automatic receipt submission: Does your organization struggle with tracking and categorizing physical receipts? With Alaan, users can click a picture of their physical bills from the Alaan mobile app! Alaan will then automatically match it to its respective business expense. Finance teams no longer need to waste time chasing down employees for receipts and reconciling bills.

  2. Automatic categorization: Alaan will automatically sort your transactions based on preset rules. That can be anything you choose, such as by merchant, card user, expense category tag, or department. With Alaan, closing your books will be a superfast experience!

  3. Set spend limits and category controls: Are you worried your employees might make unnecessary expenses on their Alaan cards? Don’t be. Alaan allows you to set expense limits and specific merchant categories, automatically rejecting transactions that do not meet these parameters. That goes a long way in preventing misuse and fraud.

  4. Automatic invoice management: With Alaan, all the invoices you upload are digitized and categorized automatically, easing the burden on your finance team immediately!

  5. Automatic account syncing: Integrate Alaan with your preferred in-house accounting solution like Xero or Quickbooks, making financial reconciliation easier. Switch between apps and find all your expenses already prefilled and sorted!

Saving Money

  1. Unlimited Cashback: Alaan offers up to 2% cash back on all your foreign transactions. Make money while you spend money!

  2. Free Forever: Alaan does not charge you to use our cards or services. What you pay at the store is what your card gets charged. No transaction fees, no subscription fees, and no nasty surprises.

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