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How is Alaan better than other corporate cards?
How is Alaan better than other corporate cards?
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Alaan is the most advanced corporate card and finance automation solution available. We are the only card service focused on your business's financial health. Our goal is to help companies stop wasting money and start spending smarter using our advanced spend management tools. Here's just a quick summary of our capabilities:

Automated Expense Reports

  • Add cards and users with daily, monthly, or all-time spending limits.

  • Get spending alerts in real time.

  • Alaan will manage your invoices and receipts for you. Automate niggling tasks like extracting invoice details and matching bills to their respective payments.

Faster Accounting. Easier Accounting.

  • Seamless syncing between software: Sync Alaan with your preferred in-house accounting solution, such as Xero, Quickbooks Online, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho Books.

  • Track expenses with additional details: Capture more information regarding a particular spend. It could be details such as the project, the client, the location, or the specific campaign. Set up filters that make sense for your business.

  • Set up specific accounting rules: Define how you want to map transactions within your accounting solution using smart rules and triggers within Alaan.

  • Stop chasing physical receipts: Set up automated weekly reminders for your colleagues to submit physical bills.

Empower your team. Stay in control.

  • Modify user limits and issue cards in real time.

  • Empower managers to manage team spending better.

  • Set authorized merchant categories for specific cards and users.

  • Get real-time alerts for large transactions.

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