Why was my card declined?
Written by Jicelle Kameyama
Updated over a week ago

Your card can get declined for several reasons. Below are a few common reasons and how you can get it resolved.

  1. The transaction exceeds your spending limit: Transactions will get rejected if the amount exceeds the card's remaining spending limit. Your company admin can increase the limit in real time if needed.

  2. The transaction exceeds your company account balance: Transactions will get rejected if there are inadequate funds in your company balance. Your company admin has to add funds to allow new transactions.

  3. The merchant declines the card: This can happen with high-risk categories like gift cards. If your card gets declined, but you have enough balance to complete the payment, speak to the merchant to see if the issue is at their end.

  4. The transaction gets rejected due to a category or merchant restriction on your card: If your admin has added a category restriction to your card, it may only work for specific categories. The card will get declined if you use it outside your approved merchants.

  5. The transaction gets flagged as fraudulent: Potentially fraudulent transactions tend to get flagged by our systems. Contact our support team at [email protected]. We'll help get it resolved.

For every declined transaction, you will get an email notification stating why the transaction got rejected.

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