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What about single-use cards?
What about single-use cards?
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Single-use cards are an alternative to traditional cards that allow you to make one-time purchases without using your actual card details. These cards reduce the risk of fraud and protect your personal information.

How Do Single-Use Cards Work?

You can request a single-use card for a specific purchase from the Alaan mobile app. We will generate a unique card number and security code that you can use exclusively for that transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the card number and security code become invalid.

Benefits of Single-Use Cards

  • Security: Single-use cards reduce the risk of fraud because nobody can use them for other purchases.

  • Convenience: You can request a card through the Alaan mobile app instantly. That’s why they are perfect for ad hoc purchases.

  • Control: Single-use cards allow you to control your spending by limiting the amount you can spend on a specific purchase.

Requesting a Single-Use Card:

  • Login to your Alaan mobile app and go to Cards.

  • On the upper right, click on +Single-Use Card.

  • Please fill in the transaction details, such as the amount and merchant category. You can also add notes detailing the reason for the purchase and attachments such as supporting documents or screenshots, if any.

  • Submit the request.

Your company administrator will review the request and issue the card as necessary. They also have the discretion to reject your application.

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