Inviting your team members as Card users
Written by Jicelle Kameyama
Updated over a week ago

As an admin, you can issue cards to department heads, supervisors, field agents, drivers, or anyone else currently using petty cash or paying out of pocket and submitting receipts for reimbursement. Please note that selected employees must have an Emirates ID to be issued a card.

To invite users:

  • Log in to the Admin portal

  • Click People and then click Invite User on the top right

  • Select Card Only User and enter the email of one or more team members

  • Click Send Invite

  • Your team members will receive an invitation email with steps to download the iOS or Android mobile app, which they can use to access their issued cards, view expenses, and submit receipts.

Still confused? Here's a helpful video that will help you invite users and issue cards.

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