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Getting started as an Admin
First steps as a Corporate Admin
First steps as a Corporate Admin

How can I start using my account?

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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means your company’s Alaan account has been approved!

How can I access the portal for the first time as a company admin?

If you have been designated as the company admin, you should receive an email from [email protected] with the subject ‘Welcome to Alaan’. If you have not received the email yet or would like us to resend it, please email [email protected].

Open the email, click “Get Started” and follow the instructions to access the web application for the first time. For future logins, simply go to and log in with your registered email and password.

I’ve logged in. Now, what are my first steps?

Step 1: Invite your team members

Step 2: Issue them cards

Step 3: Fund-in your account

What should I do next?

Start exploring the many features that make Alaan a complete solution to manage your company's spend:

  • Invite your Accountants

  • Invite Team Leaders to oversee cardholders spend

  • Invite other Corporate Admins

  • Issue cards for more complex use cases

  • Adjust the spend controls to your actual needs

  • Set expense approval and submission policies

  • View and approve/reject expenses across all company users

  • Gather spend insights with Analytics 

  • Connect Alaan to your Accounting solution

  • Synch your Expense Accounts and Tax code

  • Setup Expense Tags to further classify your expenses

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