Set and edit spend controls

Set Spend limits and Category restrictions on a card

Written by Jicelle Kameyama
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While issuing a card to a team member, you can set spend controls. You can also change the spending limit later.

  • Go to the Cards section on the admin portal

  • Select the card you want to manage.

  • Click on Edit Spend Limit from the menu shown on the page, and change it to the desired amount you wish. You can set it for a daily, monthly, approval-based, or all-time limit. However, we recommend choosing a daily, monthly, or approval-based limit, so the card user can continue to initiate purchases. Setting an all-time limit will stop card users from making purchases once the limit is exhausted.

Know more about how card spend limit works here.

Still confused? Here's a helpful video that will help you edit spending limits and set card restrictions

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