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Review and approve/reject expenses
Review and approve/reject expenses

To ensure that all card spend are legitimate company expenses

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If you are part of an Expense Approval policy, you will be required to approve/reject transactions made by the different cardholders covered by that policy.

Step 1: Go to the Expenses menu.

Step 2: For your convenience, the Expenses menu displays the expenses Awaiting your review by default. According to your permissions, you will also be able to see expenses "Awaiting other review", "Pending Submission", or "All".

Step 3: Select an expense and review it in line with the guidelines set by your company. Common guidelines are:

  • Write a Memo describing the expense

  • Upload a receipt related to the transaction

  • Completing the Accounting Categorization fields

Step 4: Use the buttons at the bottom of the Expense details window to Approve or Reject the expense. You can also check what is the approval policy for that specific expense.

Ultimately, it's up to each company to define what are the policies and guidelines that Approvers should follow when reviewing expenses.

Alaan helps you manage this process using the Expense Approvals and Expense Submission Policy which can be defined on the Settings menu.

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