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Add your team members to Alaan
Add your team members to Alaan

How do I invite other users?

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This guide explains how to invite employees to Alaan. The different user roles available are described below.

Follow these steps to invite users:

Step 1: Navigate to the Company menu on the sidebar panel.


Step 2: Click on Invite Employees in the top right corner and select the User Role. You can issue cards to all roles, but each role has different permissions to your Alaan account:

  • Card Only User - Can only see their transactions

  • Team Leader - Can see and approve their teams transactions

  • Accountant - Can see all transactions and access a few settings and menus, such as Accounting


To add Corporate Admins, please refer to this article.

Step 3: Add the relevant Employee Details.


After typing an email, you must hit the 'Enter' key or click the purple arrow to confirm the email address entered.

Step 3: Click Send Invite.


Your team members will then receive an invitation email, including instructions to download the Alaan mobile app, where they can access their cards, view expenses, and submit receipts.

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