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Manage your expenses
View and approve/reject expenses across all company users
View and approve/reject expenses across all company users

To ensure that all card spend are legitimate company expenses

Written by Jicelle Kameyama
Updated over a week ago

The company admin can view all expenses made by the different users and approve them on each transaction basis.

  • Go to the admin portal to view all expenses

  • There are four categories for expenses approvals in the dashboard:

    • Pending

    • Approved

    • Rejected

    • All

  • Select a category of your choice to see transactions under that particular category

  • To approve transactions, click on the Pending category, under which all the pending transactions will be visible. An Approve button will be visible to clear a transaction on the right side of each transaction.

    • If an employee mistakenly used the card for a personal expense, simply click on the transaction and hit "Reject". There are several ways to recoup the amount i.e, either the employee pays back the company or the amount is clawed back from the next payout.

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