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Create and Manage teams
Create and Manage teams
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Alaan's admin portal allows you to set up teams for your organization. This makes it easy to track total spending for each team, giving you a clear view of departmental expenses.

Step 1: Navigate to the Company menu from the sidebar.

​Step 2: Select Teams beside Employees.

Step 3: Click Add Team to create a new team for your account.

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Step 4: Enter a name for the new team (e.g., "Sales" or "Finance") and click Save Changes.

Step 5: Select a team to view its details section, where Admins can:

  • Edit Team Name: Modify the team name as needed (e.g., from "Marketing" to "Marketing & PR").

  • Add Team Leader: Assign a team leader from the existing team members.

  • Add Team Members: Search for and add additional employees to the selected team.

  • Change Team Membership: Move existing team members to different teams within your organization.


Alaan also allows admins to delete teams entirely, but note that deleting a team may also impact associated member permissions or expense data.

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