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How do I view and change my card PIN?
How do I view and change my card PIN?
Updated over a week ago

This guide provides a step-by-step process to locate your PIN on the Alaan mobile app. Additionally, it explains how to change the PIN if needed.

Step 1: Open the Cards menu on your Alaan mobile app.

Step 2: Choose the card you wish to use.

Step 3: Tap on Card PIN. The PIN appears next to the cardholder's name.

If you want to change the PIN, Step 4: Modify the card PIN on the same screen.

The change takes effect immediately.

If you incorrectly enter the card PIN three times, your card will be frozen automatically. To continue using the same card, unfreeze the card on the Alaan mobile app. We recommend changing the PIN after unfreezing your card.

PIN and passcode are two different credentials. The PIN is for your card. The passcode is for logging into the Alaan mobile app.

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