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How do I add receipts to expenses?
How do I add receipts to expenses?
Updated over a week ago

Upload receipts to your Alaan transactions easily with this quick step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Use your phone's camera to take a well-lit picture of your receipt. Ensure all details are visible and readable.

Clicking on a transaction notification automatically opens your phone's camera so you can switfly take a picture of your receipt.

Step 2: Open the Alaan app and, under Expenses, locate the transaction you want to attach a receipt to.

Step 3: Click on Upload Receipt, this will give you the option to Take Photo, Choose from Gallery, or Choose from Files. You can upload multiple images or PDF files.

Step 4: Add Memo to describe your transaction and select a Category for the expense and Save.

​Step 5 (optional): If your company policy requires so, make sure to select from the Expense Tags available to you below Category.

Got an invoice over email? Perfect, forward it to [email protected], and it will automatically be matched to your transaction. If there's no match, we'll send an email notifying you.

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