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Set up Xero integration with Alaan
Set up Xero integration with Alaan

Work more efficiently by syncing your Alaan expenses through our direct integration with Xero.

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Easily setup your Xero on your Alaan account in 10 minutes. With a few clicks of a button, sync to Xero your Alaan expenses along with their attachments.

Prerequisites: Before getting started

  • You are a company administrator on Xero.

  • Your Alaan Account Currency and your Xero Account Currency are both in AED.

  • You have ‘Accounting’ access on Alaan.

Steps: (1) authenticate and (2) set up your account

  1. Authentication:

    1. Go to ‘Accounting’ and click on ‘Connect with Xero’.

    2. After clicking on ‘Connect with Xero’ in the Accounting tab, you will be redirected to Xero for authentication. Log in with your Xero administrator account, and then click on ‘Allow access’ to proceed. You will be able to see the organization data that Alaan needs access to, in order to facilitate the integration, listed on the same page.

      • Note: If your authentication fails for any reason, click ‘Reconnect with Xero’ to be redirected to your Xero login page.

    3. Next, you will see the Confirmation page. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed, and you will then be redirected back to your Alaan accounting page.

  2. Setup:

    1. Please allow a few minutes for syncing to complete. Proceed to the next step on your Alaan accounting page once “Sync completed" appears. This indicates that your Xero and Alaan accounts are connected.

    2. Import your Tax Codes to proceed to the next step. Your active Tax Codes will be pulled up from Xero.

    3. Import your Expense accounts. Your chart of accounts will be automatically pulled up. Simply add categories and map them to the corresponding expense accounts in Xero with ease.

      • Every time you export an expense, it will be directly mapped to the selected expense account.

        • Category name: This will be visible to the card user on their Alaan mobile app.

        • Expense account: This is for accounting purposes and is visible under "Accounting".

    4. Create a bank account for Alaan. If one has already been created prior to this integration, select it from the list of existing bank accounts on Xero. This bank account will be associated with all of your Alaan transactions.

Once your Xero bank account is linked to your Alaan account, you can begin exporting transactions directly from Alaan to Xero. Here's an example of how a transaction would look once it's been exported to Xero:

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