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How do I make payments using an Alaan card?
How do I make payments using an Alaan card?
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How do I use my Alaan card online?

Simple, just type your card details in the payment method section. You can find your card details on your Alaan mobile app:

  1. Go to the Cards menu

  2. Select the card you would like to use

  3. Click "Card Number"

  4. You will see, and be able to copy, the following information:

    1. Cardholder name

    2. Card number

    3. Expiry date

    4. CVV

Depending on the merchant's configurations, you may receive a 3DSecure code on your registered mobile number before the transaction is authorized.

How do I use my Alaan card in-store?

Even easier, you can use an Alaan physical card or via Apple or Google Pay. Choose whichever option is more convenient to you:

  • Tap your phone (using your mobile wallet)

  • Tap, insert, or swipe your card

Common restrictions imposed by merchants on physical payments:

  • Swiping may be disabled, try inserting your card instead

  • Contactless payments may only be possible up to a specific amount

  • Inputting the PIN may be required above a specific amount

Would like to know how to view and change your PIN? Click here.

I’ve made a business expense, now what?

When you make an expense, you should submit the receipt in line with your company’s policy.

You can navigate to the transaction on your mobile app, click ‘Add receipt’ and take a photo of the receipt or select it from your gallery. Add any extra information about the transaction in the field ‘Spend Memo’ and select a suitable ‘Expense Category’

……aaaand that’s it folks! You’re all done.

Here's a 20-second video showing you how quickly you can update an expense on the go.

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