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Know Your Customer (KYC)
Know Your Customer (KYC)
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Alaan is required by law to collect and maintain information on all Alaan cardholders as per Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations for payments. These requirements come from our regulators and are intended to prevent abuse of the financial system.

KYC will have to be completed for all cardholders before activating the card. The cardholders will receive an onboarding email once the admin invites the user.

The KYC process is done on the Alaan mobile app, where the user will be requested to submit personal information and scan their Emirates ID.

KYC verification results are usually available within 2 hours of submission, however some cases may take longer. If the verification fails, the user will be prompted to.

Additionally, registered cardholders will be prompted to re-do this process every time their Emirates ID expires or a new Emirates ID is issued.

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